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NG00083 - Circular RNAs in Alzheimer Disease Brains - RNA-seq Data


This dataset presents the results from processing ribosomal RNA (rRNA)-depleted RNA-seq data derived from human brain tissues donated by individuals with and without Alzheimer disease (AD). At the individual-level, it includes data for circular and linear RNA counts as well as technical, clinical, and neuropathological  phenotypes. At the summary statistic-level, it includes discovery, replication, and meta-analysis circular RNA (circRNA) differential expression and AD-trait correlation results. These results were included in the following publication: "An atlas of cortical circular RNA expression in Alzheimer disease brains demonstrates clinical and pathological associations", Dube et al., 2019.

More information about the dataset is available in the README

Summary statistics data are available publically. Download Summary Statistics Data

Access to the Individual-level data and RNA-seq data is available through an approved NIAGADS application. Once approved, the dataset will be transferred via S3/FTP, as the size exceeds 1TB.

This dataset is part of the Knight ADRC Collection. Other datasets in this collection can be found at: https://www.niagads.org/knight-adrc-collection

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