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Data Request Instructions

A complete guide to submitting a NIAGADS Data Access Request is available here. If you have any questions about preparing or submitting a NIAGADS Data Request, contact NIAGADS@pennmedicine.upenn.edu. This page is meant to summarize Data Request instructions.

Please note: only qualified Principal Investigators who are permanent employees of their institution at a level equivalent to a tenure-track professor or senior scientist with responsibilities that most likely include laboratory administration and oversight may submit a request. Laboratory staff and trainees such as graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are not permitted to submit requests.

Preparing Documents for Submission

The following documents are required to submit a NIAGADS Data Request. Please prepare these documents before submitting a request online. All documents must be uploaded as PDF files.

  1. NIAGADS Data Use Certification Document signed by Principal Investigator and Institutional Signing Official.
  2. IRB approval in compliance with the NIH Genomics Data Sharing Policy (GDS).
  3. Derived/Secondary Data Return Plan describing derived/secondary data to be returned to NIAGADS. See Sample-Data-Return-NIAGADS (WORD).
  4. NIA AD Genomic Data Sharing Policy signed by Principal Investigator and Institutional Signing Official.
  5. NIAGADS Data Distribution Agreement signed by Principal Investigator and Institutional Signing Official.
  6. NIH Biosketch for Principal Investigator. Refer to NIH PHS 398 for guidance.
  7. Research Use Statement and Non-Technical Summary. This document will be made public.
  8. Supplemental Information document, including additional project information and collaborator contact information. Please note that the IT Director must have institutional authority, and can confirm that the institution has the capacity to protect shared data, and will comply with NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy. If you are requesting cloud computing permissions, provide cloud provder information on this document.

All documents related to the application should be provided in English. For institutions where English is not the primary language, please provide translations of documents along with the original document. Translated documents should be signed by the institutional signing official.

Submitting a Data Request

NIAGADS Data Requests must be submitted by qualified Principal Investigators.

  1. Log in or request a new account at www.niagads.org/user/loginIf you are requesting a new account, it will need to be authenticated by NIAGADS staff before you may submit a Data Request.
  2. Once authenticated, navigate to www.niagads.org/data/request and use the webform to submit your request.