We’re moving! Datasets in the NIAGADS database are being transitioned to the DSS database, more info coming soon.


The ADSP has recently unveiled an updated version of the dataset (ng00067.v10) that encompasses valuable genetic information. This release comprises two key components: 1. A quality-controlled project-level Variant Call Format (pVCF) file for bi-allelic autosomes derived from the R4 whole genome sequencing (WGS) dataset, encompassing 36,361 samples. 2. Individual-level structural variant calls generated by two callers, Manta and Smoove, specifically for the new samples introduced in R4 (n=19,451). Furthermore, the R4 quality-controlled pVCF offers compact and compact filtered versions,...
Check out NIAGADS at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference NIAGADS will be at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference being held in Amsterdam, Netherlands and virtually. Hear About the Latest NIAGADS Developments! Our team will be presenting posters. Please stop by for a deep dive into recent advances for NIAGADS and ADSP. Posters are also viewable online on Twitter @NIAGADS. Date Title Poster Number 7/17 ADSP Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Release 4 Data Update from Genome Center for Alzheimer’s Disease P2-016 7/17 The Prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease through...
Conferences and Meetings
NIAGADS is featured on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) blog for their work on Alzheimer’s Disease genetics data sharing. NIAGADS uses the AWS platform extensively to host and share large amounts of genome sequence data with the entire research community. Follow the link to read the blog post.
Join leading scientists, patient advocacy groups, and government members April 19-22 for the 2021 NIH Alzheimer’s Research Summit to showcase Alzheimer’s disease research development. The virtual summit’s agenda and registration are now available and can be accessed via the NIA Summit website.
The Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Global Symposium starts tomorrow 9/1. Registration is free ! To learn more go to the symposium web page .
The NIA is excited to announce the release of the latest genomics dataset from the Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project (ADSP) . The NIA Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease Data Storage Site (NIAGADS) is a vital tool as we seek to better understand genes that increase risk for — or protection from — AD/ADRD. Researchers can now access new, robust ADSP sequencing of nearly 20,000 samples from 9 different studies so they can continue their Alzheimer’s disease research from home. Read the full blog post at Inside NIA: A Blog for Researchers .