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Alzheimer’s Disease Variant Portal (ADVP)


Alzheimer’s Disease Variants Portal (ADVP) is an integrated, harmonized collection of high-quality and suggestive AD and ADRD genetic association findings across populations curated from the GWAS and related literature.

ADVP v1 catalogs associations curated from >200 GWAS publications from Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Consortium (ADGC) and other consortia. Genetic associations were systematically extracted, harmonized and annotated from both the genome-wide significant and suggestive loci reported in these publications. To ensure consistent representation of AD genetic findings across publications, all the extracted genetic association information was harmonized across specifically designed publication, variant, and association categories.

This resource allows the public community to easily browse, search and understand Alzheimer’s Disease genetics reported across >80 cohorts and 8 populations.

ADVP aims to answer questions such as:

  1. what are the population-specific variants associated with Alzheimer's Disease (AD)?;
  2. what genes are reported to be associated with AD risk?;
  3. what genetic variants are reported to be associated with AD endophenotypes and neuropathology?

ADVP is freely available at https://advp.niagads.org/.


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