The National Institute on Aging Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease Data Storage Site

NIAGADS is the National Institute on Aging Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease Data Storage Site. NIAGADS is a national genetics repository created by NIA to facilitate access by qualified investigators to genotypic data for the study of genetics of late-onset Alzheimer's disease.

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Software and other tools developed for analysis of data in NIAGADS and other databases.

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We are pleased to announce that our article " NIAGADS: The NIA Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease Data Storage Site " is now in-press with Alzheimer's & Dementia , the journal of the Alzheimer's Association . The full text is available here and: We will post another...
The GenomicsDB v 2.1 is now released. New features in this mini-release are: New NIAGADS GWAS Summary Statistics datasets added: NG00045 , NG00048 , and NG00049 . Public strategies illustrating how to explore these and related datasets have been added. Improved rendering of GWAS summary statistics...
This post originally appeared on Science of Aging, the blog for the Institute on Aging at the University of Pennsylvania. It is reposted here with permission. The 2016 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) was held last month in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The annual conference...
Visit the newly enhanced GenomicsDB to access and search public NIAGADS GWAS summary statistics datasets. Our new search interface and improved presentation of gene and SNP information make it easier than ever to identify AD-relevant variants. Take advantage of new features, such as pathway and...