NIAGADS Genomics Database v. 3.3 Release

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NIAGADS is pleased to announce that the Genomics Database v. 3.3 has been released. It includes three new datasets:

NG00065 (ADSP Case/Control): Gene level evidence for Alzheimer’s Disease from the ADSP Case/Control Work Group is now available.

NG00061 (Functional Annotation of genomic variants in studies of LOAD): ADSP Discovery Phase whole genome and whole exome sequenced single nucleotide variants are now available. ExAC allele frequencies, CADD deleteriousness scores, and CATO transcription factor binding overlap variant annotations have also been added.

NG00052 (CLU, A potential endophenotype for AD): GWAS summary statistics are now available.

NIAGADS is looking forward to user feedback and encourages those with comments or questions to email
The Genomics Database can be found here.