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NG00059 - Aging, Dementia, and TBI Study


The Aging, Dementia and Traumatic Brain Injury Study is a detailed neuropathologic, molecular and transcriptomic characterization of brains of control and TBI exposure cases from a unique aged population-based cohort from the Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) study.  This study was developed by a consortium consisting of the University of Washington, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, and the Allen Institute for Brain Science, and was supported by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. 

This freely available resource (http://aging.brain-map.org/) presents a systematic and extensive data set of study participant metadata, quantitative histology and protein measurements of neuropathology, and RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) analysis of hippocampus and neocortex. Specific methodological details are available on the “Documentation” tab at http://aging.brain-map.org/.

More information about the dataset is available in the README.

Access to the RNA-seq data is available through an approved NIAGADS application. Once approved, the dataset will be transferred via FTP, as the size exceeds 3.5TB. 

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377 samples collected from cortical grey (parietal and temporal) and white matter (parietal) and hippocampus from a total of 107 brains.


Phenotypes are available for download through the Aging, Dementia, and TBI Study website here, http://aging.brain-map.org/download/index.

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