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Data are from a Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) reporting that genetic variation in PCDH11X is associated with susceptibility to late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Stage 1 GWAS data is provided here after undergoing quality control procedures described in Carrasquillo et al. (2009). Subjects in Stage 1 were diagnosed at 60-80 years of age and are from three series; two assembled from clinically diagnosed cases and controls and the third from subjects with an autopsy-confirmed diagnosis.

MAYO is a GWAS dataset used in the replication stage of the ADGC Naj et al. meta-analysis from 2011. It is one of the five cohorts assembled by ADGC to replicate genetic variant findings in LOAD.

NIAGADS staff is collecting Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) documentation for this dataset. Until we know how the study's cohort's Institutional Review Board wants the data to be shared, the data cannot be distributed. Information about GDS is available at If you have questions about GDS, you may contact Dr. Marilyn Miller, In the meantime, you may still submit a request for this dataset, but it will not be distributed until GDS documentation is complete.

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  n Mean age (SD) % Females
Samples Cases Controls Cases Controls Cases Controls
JS (Clinical samples from Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Florida) 353 331 74.5 (4.4) 72.5 (4.8) 61.2 59.8
RS (Clinical samples from Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota) 245 701 73.8 (4.9) 74.0 (3.6) 58.4 51.4
AUT (Autopsy samples from Mayo brain bank) 246 223 73.5 (5.3) 71.8 (5.5) 50.0 37.2
Combined 844 1,255 74.0 (4.8) 73.2 (4.4) 57.1 51.1
  * source - Carrasquillo et al. (2009), Supplementary Table 1


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