NG00042 - Miami, Vanderbilt, and Medical School of Mount Sinai (UMVUMSSM) GWAS


UMVUMSSM is a GWAS dataset used in the discovery stage of the ADGC Naj et al. meta-analysis from 2011. It is one of the ten cohorts assembled by ADGC to identify genetic variants in LOAD. This dataset contains 1,186 cases and 1,135 controls ascertained through the Collaborative Alzheimer's Project (CAP) comprising the University of Miami (UM), Vanderbilt University (VU) and Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM).

The dataset has been classified into three PLINK filesets, labeled with "a", "b", and "c", based on the platforms on which the subjects were genotyped.  More platform-specific information can be found below. Detailed information about the dataset is provided in the following document, umvumssm_summary.docx.

NIAGADS staff is collecting Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) documentation for this dataset. Until we know how the study's cohort's Institutional Review Board wants the data to be shared, the data cannot be distributed. Information about GDS is available at If you have questions about GDS, you may contact Dr. Marilyn Miller, In the meantime, you may still submit a request for this dataset, but it will not be distributed until GDS documentation is complete.

Molecular Data Type


Submission date: 


Subjects a b c
Cases 470 401 306
Controls 654 343 129
Total 1124 744 435


Datasets a b c
Markers 484960 830115 448854


Subject classification Platform
a Illumina 1M-Duo, Illumina 1M
b Affymetrix 6.0
c Illumina 550K, Illumina 610-Quad