NIAGADS Genomics Database v3.4 Release

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NIAGADS is pleased to announce that the Genomics Database v.3.4 has now been released.

This release makes available ~50K new small INDELS identified by the ADSP whole-exome sequencing project and annotated by the ADSP Annotation Working Group.

Also newly available are two new summary statistics datasets:

NG00065 (SVs): summary statistics for ~1.5 million single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and 50,000 insertion-deletion polymorphisms (indels) identified by the ADSP whole-exome sequencing project and tested for association to AD

NG00058: summary statistics from a genome-wide survival analysis of the age of onset (AAO) of Alzheimer's disease and AAO-defined survival, using samples form the ADGC, ADNI, GERAD, EADI, and CHARGE cohorts

In addition, link outs to UniProtKB were added to Gene reports.

NIAGADS is looking forward to user feedback and encourages those with comments or questions to email The Genomics Database can be found here: