SNP rs6656401


Genomic Context

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Variant Effect Impact (snpEff)

  • High
  • Moderate
  • Low
  • Modifier
  • Not Reported
  • Reference Allele: A
  • Minor Allele/Frequency: G/0.06669
  • Variant Class: single nucleotide variant
  • Closest Gene: CR1

Genome-wide significance

NIAGADS: Alzheimer's Disease

NIAGADS AD GWAS summary statistics datasets in which SNP rs6656401 has a genome-wide significance supported by a p-value ≤ 5 x 10-8.

For exome array studies, a cutoff of p-value < 1 x 10-3 was used.

See methods for more information.

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p-Value Allele Track Accession Mapped From Get SNPs
5.75e-24 G
IGAP 2013: Stages 1 and 2
summary statistics for IGAP (2013): stages 1 and 2, combined
NG00036 N/A
7.76e-15 G
IGAP 2013: Stage 1
summary statistics for IGAP (2013): stage 1
NG00036 N/A
3.39e-10 A
ADGC 2011: Stages 1 and 2
summary statistics for ADGC (2011): stages 1 and 2, unadjusted
NG00027 N/A
1.91e-08 A
ADGC 2011: Stage 1
summary statistics for ADGC (2011): stage 1, unadjusted
NG00027 N/A
3.31e-08 A
ADGC 2011: Stages 1 and 2 Adjusted for Age, Sex and APOE
summary statistics for ADGC (2011): stages 1 and 2, adjusted for APOE, Age, and Sex
NG00027 N/A

NIAGADS: Related Neuropathologies

NHGRI: Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease-related annotations for this SNP in the NHGRI GWAS Catalog.

Disease or Trait p-Value Allele Variant Type Citation
Alzheimer's disease (late onset) 6.03e-24 A intron variant PMID: 24162737
Alzheimer's disease 3.02e-10 N/A intron variant PMID: 19734903

NHGRI: Other Traits

Predicted Effects