SNP Reference

SNPs are colored by the putative impact of the most deleterious effect identified using the snpEff genetic variant annotation and effect prediction toolbox. Effect impacts are colored as follows:

  • High
  • Moderate
  • Low
  • Modifier
  • Not Reported

Click on individual SNPs to view variant annotation details.

Functional Genomics

To enhance readability, functional genomics tracks are colored by type.

  • Histone Modification Site
  • Transcription Factor Binding Site
  • DNase Hypersensitivity Site
  • Expressed Enhancer Region

GWAS Summary Statistics

Mouse-over bars to view p-value support for the variant-trait association.

The displayed values are the -log10 p-value.

Scales are standardized across all tracks to a minimum p-value of 1 x 10-50 (-log10 p = 50). Scores exceeding that cutoff are indicated by a bar with a red tip.