NG00067 - Alzheimer's Disease Sequencing Project (ADSP)


Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project (ADSP) is sequencing and analyzing the genomes of a large number of well characterized individuals in order to identify a broad range of AD risk and protective gene variants. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the identification of new pathways for therapeutic approaches and prevention

The overarching goals of the ADSP are to:
(1) identify new genomic variants contributing to increased risk of developing Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease
(2) identify new genomic variants contributing to protection against developing Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)
(3) provide insight as to why individuals with known risk factor variants escape from developing AD
(4) examine these factors in multi-ethnic populations as applicable in order to identify new pathways for disease prevention.

For more information about this study visit the ADSP Study page on the NIAGADS Data Sharing Service (DSS) website. 

Data Access 
Sequencing data mapped to GRCh38 data are available through qualified access from NIAGADS DSS. Applications for data can only be made through the DSS website. Additional information about applying for the ADSP data can be found on the DSS Application Instructions page. 

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