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Sample selection criteria for PAR-16-406

The FOA for the ADSP Follow-Up Study is available at

The following principles were recommended for the sample selection criteria.

  • Study must have completed genomic data sharing (GDS). 
  • Racial/ethnic diversity continues to be a priority.
  • Preferential selection of autopsy-confirmed cases/controls. For non-European ancestry samples, there are limited numbers of individuals with autopsy, but when available, these samples should be prioritized.
  • Preferential selection of samples with longitudinal data. Longitudinal data is an important selection criteria in samples of any ancestry.
  • No previous WES for EA. Given the large numbers of cohorts/samples of European ancestry, priority will continue to be given to subjects without previous WES.
  • Previous WES for AA or Hispanic cohorts allowed. Numbers are more limited for these cohorts, so whenever possible, subjects without previous WES will be prioritized.
  • No age limit for cases (either age of onset or current age). Data from individuals 89 or older must be grouped into ≥ 89 years; however, this does not preclude their inclusion in this new sequencing effort.
  • Cases should be unrelated to each other. Families and related individuals were sequenced earlier in the ADSP efforts. This new effort can focus on unrelated individuals.
  • Availability of comparable controls. Controls that are comparable to cases is an important priority for cohort selection.

Updated: 11/21/2016

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 19:30

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